Pearl Harbor

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        Although this historic battle occurred years ago, there isn’t a December 7th that passes without recognition. Japanese and American soldiers, and citizens, will always remember the series of events that came and left so suddenly. Although the Americans may not see the experience as anything but an inconvenience and their one way ticket into the war, the Japanese saw it as ‘waking the sleeping giant’ and a continuation to their list of victories.

pearl harborThe battle at Pearl Harbor wasn’t a long one at all. Infact, it’s known as one of the shortest. The attack started at 7:55 a.m., and ended that same day only a couple hours later at approximately 10:00 a.m.. It seems as though the Japanese were fast and effective when it came to getting in and  out as fast as they possibly could. It’s amazing how much damage can be done in such a small amount of time.

        Pearl Harbor can be found on Oahu Island, Hawaii, United States of America. Today, Pearl Harbor has been restored and looking much better then it did 67 years ago.

On the images below you can see how Pearl Harbor looks today:

pearl harbor today

Theodore Roosevelt

Date of Birth: October 27th, 1858

Date of Death: January 6th, 1919


Commander Mitsuo Fuchida


Date of Birth: December 2nd, 1902.

Date of Death: March 30th, 1976.


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